Crucial to the success of Round And About is our team of more than 100 volunteers who deliver door-to-door every two months – they are a constantly evolving group with house moves, retirements etc., so there is always room for more.

We also have a team of packers and distributors who ensure the copies reach the deliverers.

Our team is managed by Mo Pope who can be contact via the website or on round.about@zen.co.uk.

If you would like to help you would be very welcome. Please contact Mo for more details.

The current list of roads in need of a deliverer are:

Ellington Gardens (25 copies)
Ellington Road (32)
Harkness Road (45)
Royston Way (75)
Westlands Avenue (85)
Windermere Way (73)
Stanhope Road (100)

If you can help please contact Mo Pope via the contact page or on the number below.

To find out more email round.about@zen.co.uk call our chairman, Jean Stanger on 01628 605131 or Mo Pope on 01628 605242