Round And About is a non-commercial platform for community and voluntary groups, schools, churches, charities, fundraisers, villagers with a story to tell, local historians and more. Contributions are very welcome and can be emailed to us via┬áround.about’@’ (remove the quotation marks). Email for postal address, if necessary.

Words should be kept to around 250-300 maximum, unless by arrangement with the editor. We welcome good quality pictures. High-resolution jpegs are the best format for print.

Our deadlines for both advertising and editorial are generally the first Monday of every other month.

Deadlines coming up are:
Below are our deadlines for advertising and editorial for future issues. (Publication date in brackets.)

Tuesday, January 4 (27th)
Monday, March 7 (31)
Tuesday, May 3 (26)
Monday, July 3 (28)

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