Round And About is a non-commercial platform for community and voluntary groups, schools, churches, charities, fundraisers, villagers with a story to tell, local historians and more.

Contributions are very welcome and can be emailed to us via this page or to Email for postal address, if necessary.

Words should be kept to around 250-300 maximum, unless by arrangement with the editor. We welcome good quality pictures. High-resolution jpegs are the best format for print.

Our deadlines for both advertising and editorial are generally the first Monday of every other month.

Deadlines coming up are:
Below are our deadlines for advertising and editorial for the coming year.(Publication date in brackets.)

Monday, January 4, 2021 (28)
Monday, March 1 (25)
Tuesday, May 4 (27)
Monday, July 5 (29)
Monday, September 6 (30)
Monday, November 1 (25)

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